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The Best Men’s Boxer Briefs


The best men鈥檚 boxer briefs combine the support of a brief with the leg coverage of a boxer. We tested name brands and lesser-known brands for comfort and durability and have chosen as the most comfortable men鈥檚 boxer briefs. Made from moisture-wicking modal and designed with a unique double-pouch system, the David Archy briefs provide support while also feeling like you鈥檙e wearing nothing. Our premium pick is boxer briefs, which are cut from a single piece of fabric so there are no seams to irritate sensitive places.

Our Top Choices

Most Comfortable

David Archy

Luxury Pick

Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey

The best men鈥檚 boxer briefs combine the support of a brief with the leg coverage of a boxer. We tested name brands and lesser-known brands for comfort and durability and have chosen as the most comfortable men鈥檚 boxer briefs. Made from moisture-wicking modal and designed with a unique double-pouch system, the David Archy briefs provide support while also feeling like you鈥檙e wearing nothing. Our premium pick is boxer briefs, which are cut from a single piece of fabric so there are no seams to irritate sensitive places.

Many of the best boxer briefs are made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric blended with spandex, which gives them elasticity for form-fitting around your legs and bottom and also prevents them from shrinking after multiple washings.

A lot of guys don鈥檛 like the feel of the synthetic blends on their bodies, and so 100% cotton briefs are their underwear of choice. Cotton is known for being absorbent and breathable — all true —聽 but if there鈥檚 not a small percentage of a shrink-resistant fabric in the mix, those all-cotton boxer briefs will shrink down to 鈥渢ighty-whities鈥 before too long and will need to be replaced.

The boxer briefs we selected to test are made with traditional cotton or moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, such as modal and bamboo. We鈥檝e tested them all for comfort and support and washed them several times to see which will hold their shape and still cling where you want your underwear to cling.

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David Archy: Most Comfortable

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David Archy boxer briefs are made from micro modal, a fabric derived from beechwood pulp, which is known for being super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and resistant to shrinkage. The David Archy briefs have 92% micro modal and 8% spandex, and this combination makes them the most comfortable boxer briefs we tested. These briefs were the only ones that felt as though we were going 鈥渃ommando鈥: They hug your thighs and bottom like a second skin.

A unique feature to the David Archy briefs is the two-pouch system, which (without getting overly specific) holds your private parts in place in two separate pouches. You feel gently supported and not constrained by a single compartment. These briefs have a 6.5-inch inseam, and even after washing, they don鈥檛 ride up your thighs, even when pulling pants on and off.Read more…

The thin 1-inch waistband is made of the same soft material as the briefs, so they won’t irritate your waist. They come in five solid colors — white, black, navy, gray and wine — in packages of three briefs. We think that once you try the David Archy boxer briefs on, you鈥檒l want to replace all of your underwear with them.



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The Zonbailon boxer briefs are our second favorite. Made of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, they鈥檙e also smooth, soft and comfortable. Bamboo is moisture-wicking — meaning you鈥檒l stay dry — but it鈥檚 also cooling and odor-fighting. The Zonbailon are marketed to 鈥渂ig and tall鈥 men, but they鈥檙e actually a bit shorter than the David Archy briefs.

Its pouch is a single cup with an open fly, and although the briefs are seamless, the pouch has a seam that chafes slightly under the privates. If the Zonbailon were made of a different material, such as nylon or polyester, they wouldn鈥檛 be as comfortable. They鈥檙e accurately sized (we tested medium), and after washing, no shrinkage was discernible.Read more…

The Zonbailon are available in black and shades of gray and blue in packages of four, each individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed pouches. They don鈥檛 quite have the free-flowing feel of the David Archy boxer briefs, but they鈥檙e still one of the most comfortable we tested.


Calvin Klein - Cotton Stretch Briefs

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If you鈥檝e never slipped into a pair of Calvins, we recommend these cotton stretch boxer briefs. They鈥檙e not just a fancy name brand: These are some of the best cotton boxer briefs you can buy. They鈥檙e made of 95% cotton with 5% spandex to prevent shrinkage and keep them clinging to your thighs and butt.

Against your skin, you鈥檒l definitely sense a difference between cotton and synthetic fabrics. Cotton — unless it鈥檚 pima cotton — feels a little scratchy, but the addition of spandex to the Calvin Klein briefs makes them smooth and soft, just how you want your underwear to be.Read more…

The Calvin Kleins have a single pouch with an open fly, so you might need to readjust during a day sitting at a desk. But the pouch isn鈥檛 at all constricting and keeps everything lifted. Many Amazon reviewers complain that the briefs鈥 tags are too big and irritate your skin: It鈥檚 true, but cutting them off resolves that issue. The Calvin Kleins come in traditional black and white and vivid colors as well, but Amazon doesn鈥檛 always have them available in all sizes.


Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey: Luxury Pick

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We weren鈥檛 sure what an 18-hour jersey was: Were the Mack Weldon boxer briefs intended for 18 hours of wear? The explanation is on the packaging: A proprietary blend of cotton (47.5%), beechwood modal (47.5%)聽 and spandex (5%), the fabric rests for 18 hours before it鈥檚 cut. We still don鈥檛 know why that matters (there鈥檚 no reasoning on the company鈥檚 website), but what stands out is how well-designed the Max Weldon boxer briefs are.

A unique feature to the Mack Weldons is the large 1-1/2-inch waistband, which doesn鈥檛 roll down when you sit. The waistbands of all the other boxer briefs we tested — even our top pick — folded over. The inseam is slightly shorter — 5 inches — so they rest mid-thigh, almost like trunk-style briefs, and a 陆-inch hem on each leg keeps them in place.Read more…

The briefs seem to be cut from a single piece of fabric because they are completely seamless, so you feel nothing cutting into those extra-sensitive places. The Mack Weldons have a traditional open fly but no pouch, yet we still felt plenty of support. After washing, we did find that they had shrunk slightly, so you may need to select a size up, unless you prefer a tighter fit.

The Mack Weldon boxer briefs are sold individually from their website, and they have an array of styles and colors to choose from. Comfort and style come at a premium price, however. The Mack Weldons are a bit pricey, but they were one of the best-fitting boxer briefs we tried on.


Fruit of the Loom

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You can鈥檛 get much more iconic than Fruit of the Loom. They鈥檙e justifiably famous for well-made underwear that鈥檚 budget-friendly, and this seven-pair pack is no exception. Made of 100% ribbed cotton, the Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs are very comfortable, breathable and surprisingly form-fitting. After multiple washings, they kept their shape and didn鈥檛 ride up the thighs or sag in the butt.

The Fruit of the Loom have a generous pouch and open fly, so there鈥檚 plenty of room to shift things around should you need to. They have a 7-inch inseam with a 陆-inch hem that helps hold them in place on your legs. These aren鈥檛 designer boxer briefs by any means; they鈥檙e functional yet look and feel the same as more expensive brands.


SAXX - Kinetic Boxer

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Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, the SAXX – Kinetic Boxer is for guys with an active lifestyle. In fact, even wearing them gives the illusion that you鈥檙e a speedster. All Kinetic boxers are predominantly black with a colored racing stripe (we tested electric blue) that runs across the back upper waist and down each thigh. The same color piping outlines the crotch, accentuating what you鈥檝e got underneath. The mesh nylon fabric is breathable, but it also molds itself onto your legs and butt.

Similar to the David Archy briefs, the SAXX Kinetic boxer has a patented crotch pouch, called the Ballpark Pouch, designed (as SAXX鈥檚 website claims) for friction-free support. It鈥檚 a separate pouch inside the crotch, and we did feel lifted from beneath. However, the pouch also has piping, which cut into sensitive areas. We would also have preferred a fly opening; since there isn鈥檛 one, it makes the process of relieving oneself awkward.


Adidas - Sport Performance

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Although you could wear the Adidas – Sport Performance boxer briefs as everyday underwear, they鈥檙e really intended for playing sports or working out. Adidas calls its polyester-spandex blend 鈥淐limalite,鈥 since the fabric is highly moisture wicking, so sweat evaporates and dries very quickly. We tested this by dousing the briefs with water, and true to Adidas鈥 claim, they were completely dry in minutes.

If we thought the SAXX boxers were suggestive, then the Adidas are downright lurid. They鈥檙e available in many colors, each with a different colored piping that explicitly outlines the crotch. Although the Adidas fit as expected, the exterior piping is also inside the boxers and it chafes against the skin.


Hanes - Sports Inspired Boxer Briefs

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Hanes is a familiar brand name for underwear, and we applaud the company鈥檚 attempt to manufacture 100% cotton boxer briefs for active men. Marketed as having 鈥淔reshIQ odor protection,鈥 the ribbed cotton absorbs moisture, but it certainly isn鈥檛 moisture-wicking as Hanes claims. An exception to the five-pair pack is the gray-heather color, which is a cotton-polyester blend. It鈥檚 still not moisture-wicking, but it will be less likely to shrink after multiple washings.

The Hanes boxer briefs are comfortable and very breathable, but they鈥檙e loose-fitting around the thighs and baggy around the butt. If you don鈥檛 care about form-fitting underwear, then the Hanes are certainly well-priced. A word of warning though if you鈥檙e buying them from Amazon:聽 The photos are not accurate depictions. You can select size but not color, so you don鈥檛 know what color combination you will actually receive.

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